Meet our iDrink and iMunchies family
License our technology to boost your brand's image

Offering our hilarious effects to your customers and partners with your own branding. Our iDrinks are half the size of ONE song inside iTunes and can be downloaded onto any iPhone. We take care of all the programming and by tomorrow your customers will pretend to drink YOUR beverage from their iPhones. Yes, your logo and message appear right insided the iPhone screen.

Here is what you get:
Your very own version of iBeer or any of our other iDrinks.
Record time turnaround: Most versions available within 24 hours.
Hosted download center: Offer your branded iDrink on your own site using our servers and bandwith.
24/7 support.
24/7 download tracking and demographic stats.
Hosted email collection option: Have customers sign up before dowloading.
Ready-to-go print template for your branded user manual.

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You'll be talking to our friend Dan Chomko, who knows all that detail stuff so we can concentrate on coming up with more weirdness for your iPhone. Our iTrix simply got a bit too popular for us to handle so please trust Dan and let us do the inventing...
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