combustible penetration the hottrix way

PyroPenetrator Cigarette Through Lighter by Hottrix


A true shocker AND an amazing routine.
A lit cigarette or pen visually penetrates a functional lighter. Both objects "heal" instantly and can be examined.
The audience reactions are incredible.  Every once in a while an effect comes along that not only astonishes but also creates authentic emotional involvement.
PyroPenetrator is one of them.

"Maybe it's the incredible sight, maybe it's the danger aspect. We don't know.
All we're reporting is that we haven't seen audiences excited like that in a long time!"

* lighter lights
* no danger at any point
* borrowed cigarette/pen/bill
* both objects can be handled by spectator before, during and after effect!
* fully examinable
* airport safe
* free access to all seminar videos
* upload and share your own videos!

Cigarette thru Coin, Pen thru anything:
The techniques in this amazing effect do NOT require you to smoke but WILL  improve many other penetration routines you may own. This time however feel free to borrow most objects and have them handled at all times! Smoking or not: Everybody carries a pen, a bill and often a lighter.

Anywhere - Anytime:
Sure people carry coins. How dangerous does a quarter strike you?
That's where the classic Cigarette thru Coin fails. No emotional involvement, really.
Be brave! Strike that flint, and break the ice!

PyorPenetrator comes with an instantly downloadable DVD and free bonus material. Order now and watch the DVD instantly!

If you bought PyroPenetrator from us directly you will find a link to the DVD on your completed order screen and in your email confirmation. If you bought this fine product from a trusted reseller you can view it here.

"Lighters look and function the same all over the world. I sold my pen thru quarter to get explosive reactions and strike up a few conversations while traveling..."


"Penetrating a lighter
(a solid, transparent object filled with flammable gas) sure beats poking a tiny dead coin."


Professional Facts:
You will supply your own lighter due to US shipping restrictions. United States Postal Service will not let us ship lighters filled with butane. You'll receive the gimmick by mail and the revolutionary technique via instant online DVD.
As an added bonus you'll receive discount vouchers for other HOTTRIX products but you will NOT require to purchase extra items from HOTTRIX to perform this effect.

Our detailed online DVD instructions teach you every aspect in mastering this unique technique. You will have to practice. If you're looking for a self-working trick this isn't it. Working professional or dedicated hobbyist? This is for you!

Package contains 20 photos to supplement your online DVD.

Questions? As always: Email Marina or Todd at or take advantage of our Knowledge Base for instant Answers.


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