Cute, funny, safe, and hilariously fun learning for the littlest ones.

True, most of Hottrix' products could have sprung from a boy's wild imagination but some of it may just be too wacky for kids under 5.

That's why we worked hard to be tested and approved by Apple as an educational app maker and be awarded the "Made for Kids 1-5" label.

At Hottrix we're somewhat late-bloomers when it comes to having a family. That's why we're conservative when it comes to "screen time" and "device access". We believe in children's imagination and passion for learning through any means possible. That includes black screened gadgets. But it also includes parents' involvement.

Every family is different and there is no method that fits all. Every person learns at their own pace and their own way. As parents we can support that by adapting the way we communicate with our little ones and by the tools we supply.

Hottrix apps "made for kids" adhere to strict guidelines.

-no advertising
-no in-app sales
-no timers
-no links or sharing to social
-total privacy

Shower time
After introducing and exploring the app with your kid it should hold your child's interest for as long as it takes you to take a proper shower.

Invent your own story
The app should not be linear but should be playable many ways. You as a parent or your kid should be able to invent new ways to experience it. You and your child can then repeat the "new linearity" until it's time to mix it up.

No anxiety
Some people like points, high scores, timers, and difficult obstacles. We don't. That's why you won't find any of those in our apps. Instead you find laughter and quirky occurrences that will become predictable and something to look forward to.

Mixed reality
The app should support your educational tools and goals and can be used alongside real world objects or drawings. The instruction video for iBug for kids, features real fruit, magnetic numbers/letters, play money, dice, fabric, and toys which all take part in the app's experience.

Grow with us
Ideally an app should accompany your child for years by featuring different content of interest depending on the child's developmental stage. This doesn't mean that new content needs to be added. Instead, like a well illustrated children's book, your little ones will discover and understand new details over time.

Edutainment. Gesundheit!
We neither like the word nor the concept of gamifying every aspect of life. But we believe in laughter and curiosity being a stellar teacher. iBug for kids is a prime example: It fascinates 1-year olds because of the bugs and the foods. It engages a 3 year-old because he can name and find the foods. A 4 year-old will be proud to recognize numbers and/or letters but really love to freak out the squeamish with the cockroach... And dad likes the hidden "prank button" that makes it look like an ordinary iPhone until someone presses a button and a cockroach rushes towards your finger...


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