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Pro Deal e-trix:
Get NerdAlert and ApraPick for Pocket PC for
Why do we offer it? We want to encourage magicians to get the full available kits in order to be as prepared as possible for any situation!
It's like buying the whole car instead of a wheel at the time...

Here is what you get:
AbraPick for Pocket PC (the world's first magic trick for PPC)
NerdAlert (the amazing gadget that makes your Nokia "ring")
FREE e-spresso (pretend to drink stuff from your PDA. Hillarious!)
FREE AbraPick for Windows (great at work!)
FREE AbraPick Online (away from your PC or PDA? Do it online!)
64.80 value 39.80
Save $30.-

FREE Bonus Stuff
Includes a FREE AbraPick for Windows instantly delivered to your email box.
Includes a FREE AbraPick Online and the huge download book instantly delivered to your email box.
Includes the hillariously funny e-spresso for PalmOS FREE. Instantly delivered to your email box.

These sensational tricks and their elaborate tutorials are instantly delivered to your browser and email upon completion of order.

Buy now and perform in 5 minutes from now! Satisfaction guaranteed!

e-trix PPC Deal
64.80 39.80
Save $30.-
Bonus Gift Offer!
Add AbraPick for Windows/Mac/Online and the hillariously funny e-spresso FREE ($24.95 value)

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