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RinKey Dinky

click for detailsSee the black Car Key? That's RinKey Dinky! Just carry it along with your normal keys. The secret mechanism inside will make any borrowed ring vanish at your finger tips and then attach it to your key ring. Absolutely undetectable and fully automatic. Swiss precision at your service.

Animation of RinKey Dinky action!Finally you're always set for an absolute mindblower. You won't leave home without RinKey Dinky! After all your keys are attached to it...

Comes complete in velvet jewelry box with full color manual incl. 30 photos.
Free 21 page tutorial downloadable.

Watch the online video: RinKey Quicktime

"I never leave home without it. Fist of all my keys are attached to it and second it's the best miracle you could perform without or without prep. time. Pure magic. Thank you!" (testimonials)


Do something please!
How many times have you heard this and wished you could really perform a miracle Click to enlargewithout a suspicious looking prop?

Well, now you can!
RinKey Dinky does NOT look like a prop. It's actually never even perceived even though it does all the hard work for you!

Ring on your keys as per download manual
Could I borrow your ring?
Any ring will work! As soon as you receive the specator's ring you're in full control. RinKey Dinky will handle it from there. The ring will vanish from your fingertips without any sleight of hand. The ring will automatically travel to your pocket and attach itself to your own set of keys. YOU DO NOTHING but take your keys from the pocket and show the spectator's ring solidly locked to your key ring!

This is pure magic!
Best of all: It's SO EASY TO DO!
RinKey Dinky does the work, YOU take the credit!

Easy to do
You will love your RinKey Dinky as much as we do. Yes, you can perform this miracle straight out of the box but it will be the subtleties and timing that will make this gimmick become a masterpiece in your hands. So do yourself and RinKey Dinky a favor and practice a little before performing!RinKey Dinky puts YOU center stage!

YOU create an unbelivable miracle. Not a funky looking gimmick!
People will admire YOU and not some nifty thing you brought along!
Isn't this what magic should be about?
Everybody wears rings. Everybody owns keys. Performing a miracle with these everyday objects of high emotional or financial value will blow people away!

Ring in cigarette pack. Not actual handling. (RD immitation used)Ring in Cigarette pack
Ring in Envelope. Actual handling.Ring in envelope
Ring in Key Case. Actual handling.Ring in Key case
Versatility at its best!

People keep writing to us with the most incredible ways of using RinKey Dinky and here are just a few:

You can make the spectator's ring reappear from just about anywhere you like. It doesn't always need to be your pants pocket. Why not use the jewelry box provided along with your RinKey Dinky? What about a borrowed pack of cigarettes? That ominous overseas letter could contain valuables, couldn't it? Even your key case can bear the spectator's ring.

Jonathan Pendragon, world famous TV illusionist, made up a beautiful routine with our RinKey Dinky including a brandy sniffer while working Ceasar's in Las Vegas. Read his message board post from a magic board here.


RinKey Dinky
Silent and natural hook
Holds/pulls even over-sized rings
60 cm action range. Lockable.
Spectator can remove ring
Works with (or: into) any pocket
Swiss precision Key imitation
No jacket required
No bulky key cases, just your own keys!
Key/Borrowed ring in wallet/envelope/box

Comes complete in velvet jewelry box with full color manual incl. 30 photos.
Free 21 page tutorial downloadable instantly after purchase.

Hottrix SecureShop
RinKey Dinky



RinKey Dinky imitation
Looks, and feels exactly like the real thing. But no mechanism etc. to hide. Perfect if you want to have your keys examined.

Comes complete in protective PU bag with separate rings, key ring and hook: The whole set just without the secret mechanism. Really nifty!

Hottrix SecureShop
RinKey Dinky Ungaffed Key


RinKey Dinky Hook
The exact same hook as on your RinKey Dinky. Put it onto your key ring in order to reinforce the impromptu impression of this amazing effect. The finger ring seemed to have jumped onto one of your hooks on the key ring. Considered by many as the ultimate distractive accessory.

Comes complete in protective PU bag

Hottrix SecureShop
RinKey Dinky Extra Hook

RinKey Dinky Pro Pack
-RinKey Dinky
-RinKey Dinky Fake
-2 Extra Hooks
Price: $69.95


RinKey Dinky
Price: $59.95

Comes with huge FREE eBook delivered instantly to your email box.

Second Deal
Add a second one
for only $49.95 (59.95)
Add RinKey Dinky Fake (Ungaffed: Great for examination!) for only $9.95
Add Extra Hook (Just like the original: Great for visiual distraction!)
for only $4.95



What is it?
James Bond Gadget hidden in car key performs miracles!
Borrow a ring from your specator. It vanishes instantly and reappears tightly hooked on your key ring along with your normal keys. Fully automatic!
Comes with huge
FREE eBook delivered instantly to your email box.
Swiss precision engineering
Absolutely amazing effect
Fully automatic!
No sleeves necessary!
Works into many pockets!
Always ready! No reset!
No prop to carry. Always with your normal keys!
Use with wallets, envelopes etc.
Very small and safe
All complete and ready to go!
Difficulty Level

Practice required
Your normal keys
Rehearsal time
Readiness for pure astonishment!
Professional Product for all levels
Print This Page
Suggested Companion Trick
HandzUp (to top this effect...)
Specially crafted Key
Key Ring, Hook
25p. Manual w. illustrations
Free download tutorial
Protective Glamour Pack
Full performance rights
FactSheet Guarantee...
Defect Exchange Warranty...
Special Offer

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