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SSL Secure Online Orders
Hottrix conducts certified secure online transactions. Safe, Quick and Easy.
Hottrix accepts all major credit cards
We accept all major credit cards through our own certified transaction system.
How to order Secure Online
You can order from anywhere on www.hottrix.com. Wherever you see this button you click on it to add the item of interest to your shopping basket. Easy and safe.
NOTE: Clicking does not charge you yet. It just puts something in your shopping basket. You can remove items whenever you please. Payment happens in the very end.
Special Offers
Wherever you see this checkbox you're just a click
away from saving. Most items are discounted in one way the other in combination with related items or based on quantity.
Real-time Downloads

Hottrix Online Customers:
Secret downloadable tutorials or purchased software appear in your browser immediately upon successful completion of online order. So if you buy a cool gimmix you will immediately download the huge tutorial, learn the secrets and start practicing.
As soon as you register (buy) software you will see your download links! No waiting for emails or codes. Just download immediately! Your detailed email receipt will also list the links for later reference.
Now that's quick, safe and easy!

Hottrix Mail Order Customers:
If you bought an eTrix or gimmix from a retailer or from us via Phone or Mail you can pick up your free tutorials right here:

Checking Out
When your are done shopping you can review or edit the contents of your basket and proceed to payment by clicking this button. It's on every page on the right towards the end of the product details.

While viewing your basket/cart simply click this button and you're on your way.

We then ask for your name and shipping details and after that your credit card is verified via SSL secure protocol to protect you from fraud.

If you're not done shopping...

...just click this button to stroll through our shop some more.

Is it safe?
Yes. The site "talks" to your bank, verifying your card and nobody else gets to see your details (quite safer than say at a restaurant where many people handle your card and signature slips/carbon copies!!!!) All information is stored inaccessible and no card numbers are ever emailed!
Your Best Insurance
As with any credit card payment you will receive the dreaded monthly statement from your bank. You will see your purchase from us listed as a transaction from "Hottrix".

The charge will correspond to your email receipt from us. If not you call us for correction.

IMPORTANT: Did you know, that it only takes you a phone call to your bank to dispute a transaction? As a customer you can deny ANY payment until the merchant (Hottrix for instance) can prove beyond doubt, that in fact you did purchase. This is your best insurance against fraud! Even better than the safest SSL because only your OK to the bank will initiate payment!

When buying online from a company you don't know it's vital to find out if they accept Credit Cards through their own shop (like Hottrix). They need special permits and accounts for this and have been inspected and proven to be a trustworthy legitimate business.
Software "companies" nowadays offer payment through big portal sites like "PalmGear". While this is convenient for one-man businesses without licenses or merchant accounts as well as for the portal site who gets a commission per sale you as a customer will have NO WAY of verifying if the company is legitimate so be weary of people without proper in-house payment systems!
Shipping Price and Time
Shipping within the US is FREE for all orders $49.95 and up.
Orders below that amount are $4.95 for shipping and handling (insured, traceable).
International orders are $10 to $15 depending on location for insured, traceable airmail.
Your order is shipped between 12 to 72 hours after order receipt depending on availability.

You receive an email upon shipment with all necessary details (tracking etc.).
US deliveries usually take from 1 to 3 days for the US postal services to deliver and can be tracked online (see below).
Overnight shipping is available on special request. Call our sales office for rates and availability.
International orders take from 4 days to 2 weeks depending on country and customs office and cannot be tracked online (US postal service!) but traced by us in case of any delivery problem.
All orders are sent insured and traceable.

Satisfaction Guaranteed:
Warranty details, click here!
Order tracking
Immediately after your online order you receive an email receipt. You can conveniently trace the location of your US shipment via the link we provide in your shipping confirmation email which is sent upon shipping of your items. This way you will exactly know where your goodies are!

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