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AbraPick for Windows
v.1.62 (formerly PickaPalm)

The overwhelming success of PickaPalm for Palm Pilots just got a big sister...PickaPalm for Windows. Now AbraPick.

The demand for this sensational trick was beyond our wildest expectations and the common request from our customers was: I want to perform this miracle on my desktop, too. Well, here it is: Designed for the professional magician, this software application will not just fool but blow people's minds!

You will always know what card your audience thinks of. Even from across the room, wearing a blindfold without touching the device PC.
Works on someone else's computer, too!
Imagine the total amazement when you can name the card, that was picked on a stranger's PC without you ever looking at it.
Spectator can examine everything without discovering the clever secret!

Simply download free and install on your PC.

If you like it you can purchase the full version right here.

Comes complete with detailed illustrated manual, FREE version for PalmOS, updates for 1 year as well as access to our member zone for additional information, videos and online manuals.

Download free trial now! (secret not revealed)
Buy full version now! (secret, full version and 15 p. manual, instant download)

Here is what you get:

  • PickaPalm for Windows (miracles at home, office etc.)
  • PickaPalm for Palm Pilots (miracles while traveling, at meetings or in a bar)
  • 15p. fully illustrated manual with tips, hints, performance patter, historical info about this amazing trick.
  • FREE membership
  • FREE download manuals
  • FREE message board access to other magicians
  • FREE PickaPalm Combo for your Handheld AND PC
  • FREE one year updates
  • FREE support

    Here is what our happy customers say:

  • It's a miracle...You can tell, that this was designed for professional magicians. Great!
  • The manual alone is worth the price of this application. PickaPalm works wonders and I warmly recommend it.
  • You guys are unbelievable - I'll make sure to praise
    you on the palmgear and cnet websites! Thank you!!
  • Never be in the situation of not knowing what to say ever again. PickaPalm for your Palm Pilot is THE conversation piece and ice-breaker.
  • Excellent support and response from the author.

Comes with free version of PickaPalm for PalmOS.
Register now and get your PickaPalm for Palm FREE!

Works on any Windows compatible device (Windows 95 through 2000). Some functions require working Internet Browser (Internet Explorer 4.0 and up) for full functionality.

FREE AbraPick for Palm OS
with your purchase of AbraPick for Windows

Details about the effect are here...

Instant registration (no waiting)
Detailed, illustrated tutorials with 15 pages of hot tips, tricks and step-by-step performing guidance. Plus a FREE AbraPick for your PDA (Palm, Visor etc.)!

AbraPick for Windows Price: $19.95
FREE PalmOS Version included
Special offer!
Add AbraMath Professional
for only $25.00 (29.95)

Pro Deal

All Palm Trix 126.55 86.55
Save $40.-
AbraPick for Win. included FREE


What is it?
You will always know what card your audience thinks of. Even from across the room, wearing a blindfold without touching the device.
3 face down cards can be picked and turned over just like with Video Poker. The cards are all different and are constantly shuffled. Have your spectator play with the cards until he feels ready to pick one. You will know the name of the card without ever having looked at the device or touching it! Repeat if you like: Results will always be different.
This is an absolute stunner and ready to amaze wherever you go!
No stooges or assistants needed
You never look at the Palm.
No timed events. Work at your own pace!
No infra red or beaming gadgets!
Different result every time!
Use as many people and numbers as you want!
Predict numbers from another room!
Repeat the effect immediately
Predict phone numbers, birth dates etc.
Fully configurable.
FREE updates for 1 year.
FREE additional icons
FREE membership with Hottrix InfoXchange.
FREE online support.
FREE Palm version
Immediate Download
Difficulty Level
Easy to learn
25 p. Manual incl.
Windows (95 and up, NT) or Macintosh (with virtual Win)
Readiness for fun!
Print This Page
Download PDF (100Kb)
Try and Buy
AbraPick Trial Version.zip
Suggested Companion Trick
AbraMath for Palm OS
Secret Software for Windows
15 p. manual w. illustrations
Update Warranty
FREE PalmOS Version
Full performance rights
FactSheet Guarantee
Personal BackUp Warranty
DownloadDoubler Warranty
TroubleShooter Warranty
VirusFree Warranty
Update Warranty

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