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CupOodles transports any borrowed object into a totally sealed Package


Transport objects into sealed packages!
Borrow a ring, coin, signed playing card and make it reappear in a completely sealed and shrink-wrapped cup of noodles.
Just think about the laugh you get, pulling out a Cup of Noodles and tossing it into the audience.
Now think about the ultimate astonishment if this completely sealed package actually contains an object that vanished in a spectator's hands.

It doesn't stop there: The FREE download eBook that comes with CupOodles teaches you how to transport objects into just about any industrially sealed package you can find.
How about a box of tissues, a bag of candy, a tumbler of washing detergent or even a messy yogurt.
Of course the spectator and NOT you open the package.
In fact, you need not touch the item at all after it's handed out. Impossible? It's all possible now!

Pick up a Cup of Noodles on the way to the show and you're all set!
CupOodles uses a clever principle that allows you to take just about any sealed industrial container and make borrowed objects appear inside.

Spectator holds and opens the package!
Package can be handed to audience before object disappears (use a time-warp vanisher like our Silencer).

How about the spectator handling all the mainpulation for you?
How about giving the spectator an object, step away and make THEM vanish and reappear it? It's all possible now!

Any sealed industrial package can be used for making objects reappear with the CupOodles gimmix.

Use just about any object you can borrow from the audience. A coin, wedding ring, dollar bill (signed), business card, even false teeth if you must...
Make the object vanish and have the spectators break the cardboard wrap, shrink wrap and top seal of an ordinary Cup Noodle Box only to have them find their object safe and sound inside. Remember: You never touch the cup once it's in the spectator's hand. You hand out the cup before the object vanishes if you own Silencer.

Once you own the CupOodles gimmix you can use just about any package you like. We are NOT selling you a specially prepared Cup of Noodles but a gimmix that lets you use the package of your desire.

Comes complete in protective pack and works with virtually every Cup of Noodles type of package.

FREE BONUS: The 30 page instant download eBook teaches you how to use just about any kind of box so you're not stuck with Cups of Noodles if you prefer Cereal, Yogurt or a box of tissues!

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for only $29.95
Comes with huge FREE eBook delivered instantly to your email box.
Special Offer: Companion Trick
Add Silencer to make things audibly disappear in Spectator's hands. Please note: Silencer eBook and contents do NOT reveal or hint technique of CupOodles despite similar looking ingredients. Take advantage of the Special Combo Offer!
only: $14.95
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Professional editionAdd
Price: $14.95
Professional editionAccessory
RealReel (Secret Pull Reel Mechanism: Great for stealing and dumping objects.)
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CupOodles MegaPack

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CupOodles Magic Trick  

What is it?
This ingenious new gimmx transports just about anything into a completely sealed Cup of Noodles!
Imagine the surprise when a borrowed ring, a signed dollar bill or a chosen playing card reappears inside any shrink-wrapped Instant Soup Cup!

Includes everything to perform this miracle with any Cup of Noodle style product. Comes with FREE eBook delivered instantly to your email box.

Sealed and shrink wrapped
Portable (use any cup/box)
Works anywhere
Handled by Spectator
Time-Warp enabled
Very small and safe
All complete and ready to go!
Difficulty Level

Some practice required
Great for audience participation
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Suggested Companion Trick
Silencer (make it vanish)
Secret Gimmick
Manual w. illustrations
Free instant download tutorial
Full performance rights
FactSheet Guarantee...
Defect Exchange Warranty...
Special Offer

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